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Barncancergalan - Det svenska humorpriset

We are proud to continue to have one of the most important galas in our venue. The childhood cancer gala that awards the Swedish humor prize, a gala filled with laughter but also a lot of tears. This year’s gala generated 6,000 new Child Supporters, with 53 million that is going to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The gala is also broadcast live on Viaplay and TV3.

Regnbågsfonden x Berns

Breakfast was served at Ljusgården for Rengbågsfonden, which organized a seminar for some of their partners. Aaron Kroon came and talked about leadership and creating an equal workplace – what that means. Important things were highlighted and we are grateful that the Rengbågsfonden exists and works for creating a better society and a better world.

Lucas Kalda

We welcome Lucas Kalda to the team, who steps in as guest relations manager for Calle P and Berns Asiatiska. We hung out with Lucas to get to know him a little better.

Lucas, you have an extensive CV – can you tell us a bit more about your previous experience. Within nightlife/restaurants, I have worked with everything from being a promoter at Armani Privé in Milan, being responsible for Beach Clubs in northern Sardinia to being a nightclub manager at our neighbors on the other side of the park.

What do you do when you’re not working? A day off is spent as much as possible outdoors. A morning walk, golf, boating or try a new restaurant! Soon I will also take a day off to walk 100,000 steps. You can do that too!

Hope to see you at Calle P and Berns in the future!

3 quickies 

Morning shower/Evening shower
The morning shower wins! I usually train in the morning and that routine of training, sauna and a shower is unbeatable.

Sunrise, really realizing I’m a morning person! A sunrise means a new day with new opportunities. Cliché but true!

Swimming shorts/Speedos
Speedos!? It takes more confidence than mine to pull on speedos. Must be swimming shorts.


We sure hope you haven’t missed the new outdoor patio at Berns, it received a facelift this summer and it is the best one yet. Here you can enjoy dinner and drinks all day long. Every Wednesday they fire up the grill for an afterwork with a little extra, and serve Yakitory-skewers.


-This summer at Berns is going to be extra sweet. Berns Asiatiska have re-built their patio, added a bar and extra space on the other side of the sidewalk. Here you can enjoy great food and drinks to late.

– Terrassen, the spacious terrace at Berns is open for the summer. This sure is a summer sign we all wait for. Here you can dance all night long every Friday and Saturday. If you want to book it for a private event, no worries. You can host your own after work for your teammates, friends and family or why not have a dinner and then a party here? If it rains or if there is a storm outdoors, don’t worry we got you covered. There is a glass roof and all the windows can be opened.


There is no better sign that the summer has arrived then the premiere of Terrassen. Our incredible terrace with a first class view overlooking Berzelii Park and our neighbor Calle P’s vibrant outdoor seating. Here the music beats every Friday and Saturday to 3 o’clock. Come and spend this summer with the team at Terrassen. The season premiere is tonight and we open the doors at 22.00!


March 22 we offer our guests to pay for the tap water (which is otherwise free), by donating SEK 25, 50 or 100 to The Hunger Project’s project “Grow Healthy” in Ethiopia. The project will ensure access to clean water in 3 villages in the Amhara region which is severely affected by drought and where the malnutrition is prevalent among children under five years of age.




Author Wera von Essen is awarded the Berns Prize 2022 for having written a unique literary style that presents a flipped Stockholm. With von Essen, we encounter a run-down Östermalm, but also a peripheral city with highway hotels and hard-to-reach suburbs. In this disparate metropolis, a cosmopolitan window is opened by letting air in from other international horizons, especially Brazil. Through this, von Essen’s independent and budding authorship has brought a Catholic outlook to life in a Stockholm reality.

“I feel honored,” says Wera von Essen. “Stockholm has meant a lot to my writing, like an alchemy, to make the place that hurts you bloom. To insist on the heart’s place in the harshness. And to share space and conditions with other people, historically and as a time document.”

The Berns Prize, or the Berns Scholarship, is an annual prize awarded since 1966 by the Swedish PEN to an author, journalist, or photographer who has “made a valuable contribution to the portrayal of Stockholm’s culture and nature, its institutions and its development, or Stockholm life in other forms.” The prize was established in 1963 by the poet Johannes Edfelt and his brother Arne Edfelt, who then ran Berns, on the occasion of Berns Salonger’s 100th anniversary. The winner is selected by the Swedish PEN’s board and awarded in collaboration with Berns.

Jesper Bengtsson, ordförande Svenska PEN
Telefon: 070 268 25 29

Meet Ditas

One of Berns oldest collegaues, not of age but of time, is our star Ditas. She has worked with us for 33 years and she is our housekeeping manager. 

 Hello Ditas, tell us what you do on a day off? Just being lazy haha, I also try to talk to my family that lives all over the world.

Which room is your favorite at the hotel? 606, it’s very cozy and the view is incredible, especially during night. I lived there once during New Year’s Eve and the fireworks throughout Nybroviken were magical, I strongly recommend it.

When did you start working at Berns? 1989, I previously worked at a cruise ship and when the season came to its end the hotel manager at Berns asked if I wanted to start working full time here, it was the same manager as I had at the ship.

Why hotel and why Berns? I love what I do and to work with service. I have also worked in the restaurant business when I was a student but my heart beats extra for the hotel industry. It’s filled with challenges and incredible people that you get to meet. This is my second home!

What is the most fun with your job? The guests and to be able to help them, and my co-workers.

You mentioned earlier that you have studied, what was your major? I studied to be a radio operator. That profession no longer exists, not in the same way as before. It was during that time when you communicated to ships in an office through a radio, like pilots do to flight towers. I worked with that for a short period of time because I realized that it was not for me, it was very boring.

When you stay at a hotel, what is a must? Hairdryer, my hair is chaos otherwise!

Meet Linn, Berns' hotel manager

Meet Linn

Linn is our new hotel manager, and we are delighted to have such a nice, intelligent and free-spirited person in our team. 

Hello Linn, tell us a bit more about yourself.
What do you like to do on a day off? I love to travel and be active. Try new restaurants and places in both Sweden and abroad. A good Pinot Noir is always a  winner and a restaurant with a sharing menu is my favorite concept, because you get a little bit of everything.

What have you worked with before and what experiences do you take with you? I have worked abroad for 13 years, and I have learned a lot within the hotel business. From being schooled in Schweitz, to running my own hotel in Provence, France. The best lesson I’ve learned throughout my career is the knowledge about different guests and their needs. It’s important to be curious and responsive.

What is your favorite task at work? To exceed the guest’s expectations. Find out information about your guests in order to exceed their expectations, know what they want before they know it. Both in service and in the making of the product.

Why hotel? I thrive when I work with service, as I mentioned earlier, to exceed the guests expectations, I also feel very at home in an international enviorment. It’s fun to work with hotel, it’s always open and one day is not like the other. The service industry is something you are proud to work with and I want more people to feel that.

When you are choosing a hotel, what is a must? I prefer boutique hotels, they are fun and creative. Second thing is of course the breakfast!!!

When do you eat your breakfast? I’m an early bird, around 6 o’clock.

Final question, why should we stay at Berns Hotel? Because we are the only place in Stockholm where you have it all. We have a unique and beautiful hotel, restaurant, cocktail bar, event venues and three different nightclubs. At Berns you can check-in and enjoy 24 hours and never have to leave the building.


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