01 March 2024 6lack

Time: 19:00 | Age: 20 | Venue: The Ballroom


There is no doubt that 6LACK, pronounced Black, has music in his DNA. As a four-year-old, Ricardo Valdez Valentine recorded his first songs in his father’s studio and won all rap battles. This was before his own career exploded with the debut album ‘Free 6lack’ in 2016, where we find, among other things, the irresistible ‘PRBLMS’. Since then, 6lack has solidified his position as one of new school R&B’s most important and fashionable frontmen. 6lack’s equally untroubled yet emotionally charged tone lands somewhere between vocals and rap, and over minimalistic bass-driven productions, Atlanta’s alternative R&B star manages to be both vulnerable and confidently boastful as he sings of everything from heartbreak to child-forbidden hotel room adventures.

Earlier this year, 6LACK shared his third album ‘Since I Have A Lover’ where the tempo has been turned up and the artist explores a life beyond the casual relationships and decadence. Romanticism is mixed with darkness and the result is the artist’s most personal work to date. And it is with this acclaimed album on his back that the superstar heads to Stockholm and Bern on March 1, 2024.