Berns opened the doors in 1863 and has now become known as a true House of Entertainment. Located at one of Stockholm’s most desirable addresses, with its Belle Époque exterior and an opulent interior to match. Here you will find historical venues such as Röda Rummet (Red Room) that was the setting for August Strindberg’s novel with the same name. Today incredible luminaries such as Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Rihanna, Bill Gates, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Beyoncé, and the Dalai Lama have been guests under our roof.


This is the only place in Stockholm where you have event venues, a hotel, restaurant, cocktail bar, and several nightclubs all gathered under one roof.


At the beginning of the opening the founder Robert Berns served smaller sandwiches and nibbles together with alcoholic beverages. Robert was already a well-known name since he was the royal courts’ main pastry chefs. His idea with Berns was to create a space where you could have what we today call a dinner show. This became a great success and when it was time to step aside and let his son Hugo take over, Hugo wanted to take Berns to the next level. In February 23rd 1944 Berns opened Sweden’s very first Chinese restaurant. It was a group of Chinese jugglers, performing at the China Variety Theatre next door , who became masters in the kitchen, Mr Li Chung Lin and his chefs.


In The Ballroom you have two stages one big and one small, on the larger stage was the VIP section back in the days and the smaller stage is where the artists performed. We have had performances by superstars like Diana Ross and the Supremes there along with the 60’s love song hit maker Charles Aznavour. The list is long, and it keeps growing, though today our concerts is on the big stage, don’t miss our calendar on our webpage


Located in Berzelii park – a park in central Stockholm between Nybroplan, Hamngatan and Norrmalmstorg. The park was designed by landscape architect Knut Forsberg and construction began in 1852, and the following year its lawns and gravel paths could be opened to the people of Stockholm. In 1854, Heinrich Robert Berns opened a Swiss shop where the China Theater is now located, which quickly became popular and where, among others, August Blanche was a regular customer.


The park, which has had several names, was first called Nybrosquaren, then Berzelii lund, which was soon changed to Berzelii park in 1863. In 2018 we got our dear neighbor Calle P where you can eat lunch and dinner all day every day, it’s a true oasis where the greenery forms the surroundings.


You can easily get to Berns. From Arlanda Airport and Bromma Airport you go by bus to the Central Station and then a 10 minutes walk. You can also take the Arlanda Express Train to the Central Station.


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