16 April 2024

A night out at Berns | Berns

In the heart of Stockholm, where historic elegance meets modern entertainment and a cultural scene you’ll find Berns, known as “The House of Entertainment.” This iconic establishment, located in the vibrant district of Östermalm, is a cultural institution offering a unique experience for the city’s night owls and music lovers. With its four distinct dance floors and the legendary Terrassen, which is soon opening for the summer season, Berns has become a focal point in Stockholm’s nightlife and the best sign of summer in Stockholm.


Berns combines historical grandeur with a contemporary pulse. Within these magnificent walls lies a world of music and dance spanning various genres, from electronic music to pop and R&B. Each dance floor is its own world, with different concepts ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer to drift away to dreamy house beats or feel the pulse of R&B, Berns takes you on a musical journey through the night.


Terrassen, Berns’ beloved summer oasis and a special highlight, where the opening is rapidly approaching, and Stockholmers as well as visitors flock to experience magical summer evenings. Terrassen is a place for meetings, with a relaxed atmosphere where guests can dance, mingle, and enjoy live music. Its view over Berzelii Park and Nybroviken is unmatched, making it the perfect place to welcome the summer.


In The Ballroom, one of Berns most memorable venues, where grand nightclub events often take place. This spectacular hall, known for its impressive architecture and rich history, regularly hosts club nights where well-known DJs offer unique concerts to the visitors. The atmosphere here is electric.


Berns, with its multifaceted charm, is a hub for the entertainment life that truly proves Berns is on the map. That is why Berns is rightly called “The House of Entertainment” – a place where the night never ends, and every visit becomes a memory for life.