31 May 2024

Alzheimerloppet | Berns

Last Friday, May 24th, the team at Berns, together with many other companies working with Green Key, participated in the Digital Alzheimer’s Run. This event, organized by the Alzheimer’s Foundation, is an important part of the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. The race is an annual event with the goal of raising awareness about the disease and collecting funds for research.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation describes the run as follows: “The goal of the Alzheimer’s Foundation’s recurring Digital Alzheimer’s Run is for us, together with you participants, to spread the message about Alzheimer’s disease and raise funds for research.” This highlights the importance of collaboration and collective efforts to combat a disease that affects so many people and their families worldwide.

For the second consecutive year, Berns is proud to be a sponsor of this significant event. Their commitment aligns with the company’s values and their long-term work on sustainability through the Green Key certification. Green Key is an international environmental label for the tourism and hospitality industry, which Berns proudly holds. Supporting the Alzheimer’s Foundation by participating in and sponsoring the Alzheimer’s Run is a tangible way for Berns to show its support for both social and environmental sustainability issues.

The Digital Alzheimer’s Run is not just a race, but an opportunity for unity and awareness-raising. By participating digitally, companies and individuals from all over the country can join and run, regardless of their location. This means that more people can engage and contribute to the important research on Alzheimer’s disease. This year, we saw an increase in the number of participants, reflecting growing engagement and awareness of the disease.

Being sponsors of the Alzheimer’s Run is part of Berns’ ongoing commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. By supporting research and raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, they hope to contribute to a future where more people can live a life free from this devastating illness. Berns looks forward to continuing its support and participation in upcoming Alzheimer’s Runs and other initiatives that promote a sustainable and conscious world.