17 January 2024

Fadimegalan | Berns Event

For the 12th year in a row, Fadimegalan was held at Berns. This year’s theme at the gala was “The Abducted & Forgotten Children”.

“At least 538 abducted children and young people in the last five years. So many children have been reported as abducted from the country that can be linked to honor standards. The dark figure is feared to be even greater as there is currently no national register. This applies to children and young people who were born in Sweden, but who are deprived of their rights to schooling and freedom in connection with the abduction.” (from GAPF) The gala was also visited on stage by artists such as Sanna Nielsen, Winona Oak, Martin Almgren, Kani who was joined by Janne Schaffer & comedian Zinat Pirzadeh.)

It is yet another event that we at Berns are proud to have, the event sheds light on an important topic. Do you want to know more about this organization and how you can be a supporter by following the link below.