23 May 2024

Meet Angelo | Berns

Hi Angelo, tell us who are you?
My name is Angelo Rojas and I am the club manager for NEU and Berns Terrassen. I have been working here at Berns since September 2023 with NEU.

What does an club manager do?
I help set the strategy for concepts, book DJs, set the DJ schedule, organize events and activities where I actively work with the marketing department to reach the right channels. I am also on-site as a mood manager, ensuring that it’s a party and that guests have a good experience.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I work with music and I’m very interested in food, so I often visit restaurants.

A place no one should miss?
I have two places that everyone must visit, Surfers and Leijontornet.

Do you have a favorite dish at Berns Asiatiska?
The sushi is really good, especially the sashimi, and you can also find an amazing Bloody Mary here.

You are an experienced person in the industry, tell us what you have done before.
I started in the industry as a bartender 10 years ago, worked at quite a few places, was at NEU when it was newly opened, Sture Hof, Sturecompagniet, Wall, Spy Bar, Hells, East, and then I also started DJing at various places where I ran different concepts, like Sundays at F12 etc. I have also been the music manager at Obaren, Lägenheten, and Innergården.

You have done quite a lot, what has been the most fun project?
It is definitely NEU (today), Lägenheten was also really fun.

What’s happening at Terrassen this summer?
We have remodeled, kind of a facelift. The concept for the summer is that it’s summery, happy, and mature. We have also revamped the bar with a new concept where you will find fresh cocktails with a completely new cocktail menu. We will also move up the AW concept Good Vibes to the Terrace, which has been very appreciated down at Lé!.

As a music enthusiast, tell us about the best performance you have attended.
It was one in Portimão, Portugal – it was incredible.

As an club manager, who is your dream guest DJ?
Difficult, but absolutely Raresh.