29 January 2024

Premiärfesten – Ett hjärta är alltid rött | Berns Event

The 17th of January, helped Berns organize the official after-party for the sneak premiere of the film Ett hjärta är alltid rött (A Heart Is Always Red). The movie documentary about Imperiet’s success from the rubble of Ebba Grön. On Stora scenen – the main stage, you had Love Antell, Kajsa Grytt, Tomas Andersson Wij, Nicole Sabouné, Annika Norlin, David Ritschard, Desmond and Hurula. That interpreted a selection of the Imperiet’s songs and performed them to a sold-out Ballroom as well as to Imperiet themselves. The creators behind the documentary were happy, the audience was happy and we were happy. It was a true “once in a lifetime” event, which the rich cultural scene of Berns is proud to have arranged. Make sure you don’t miss upcoming events, you can find them in our calendar on our website.


Premiärfesten - Ett hjärta är alltid rött