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​Located at the center of Stockholm’s dynamic shopping and restaurant district, overlooking Berzelii Park and the Baltic Sea, Berns has been a hub of Stockholm’s entertainment scene for over 150 years.

Global superstars, artists, bankers, media folk and curious cosmopolitans have been drawn here ever since Berns opened its doors in 1863.

Historic architecture meets majestic rooms with eclectic details, a vibrant atmosphere and legendary nightlife. Dine under crystal chandeliers at the breathtaking restaurant Berns Asiatiska, enjoy the comforts of the boutique hotel or dance until the early hours in the celebrated nightclubs.

Today Berns is owned by Stureplansgruppen.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take a stand

Berns wants to take their responsibility and work longterm when it comes to sustainability and the environment. The hotel and restaurant are constantly working with minor improvements, which over time produce great results.


  • Sustainable food and food waste
  • Waste and source sorting
  • Energy and transport
  • Conscious choice of suppliers


You have chosen an establishment awarded with the international ecolabel Green Key. Berns works actively with environmental and sustainability issues, by following Green Key’s comprehensive criteria.

In this way, as our guest, you help to take responsibility for the environment without compromising your experience or convenience during your stay.

Green Key

Green Key is an international ecolabel within the tourism and hospitality industry and present in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Berns supports the charity Nattvandrarna. Operating across Sweden, Nattvandrarna is a democratic, non-profit organization made up of local groups and associations.

Their volunteers patrol the streets in their yellow jackets, providing adult role models, sympathetic support and a reassuring presence for young people who are out and about at night.

Having the volunteers around also prevents criminal activity such as vandalism, violence and drug abuse.

The Hunger Project

Berns supports the Hunger Project. Through coaching, training and access to microfinance programs, the aim is to create sustainable communities that can stand on their own two feet.

The programs improve health, education, farming, water provision and sanitation in the villages. The Hunger Project encourages people to use their democratic rights to gain influence over the decisions taken in their community. They work actively to increase equality by empowering women to become entrepreneurs and take seats in local government.

So far, the Hunger Project has mobilized clusters of villages into 123 epicenters in 8 African countries. Through its Epicenter Strategy, the charity now reaches around 2 million people in Africa.

Nordic Whistle

At Berns we do our best to take responsibility and accountability, which is why we have clear policies that are accessible to each and everyone that work with us, but also for anyoe visiting us.

Our whistle blower policies are regularly updated so that we can give everyone the best possible conditions.