24 February 2024 Nuet x Studio Barnhus

Time: 22:00 | Age: 20 | Venue: The Ballroom


Exactly one year following the triumphant sold-out event that was the Studio Barnhus Dance Party at Berns in 2023, the Stockholm-based collective is making a bold return to the scene. Once again, they will seize control of the iconic Stockholm venue, spanning two rooms. Studio Barnhus DJ trio—comprising Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács, and Pedrodollar—alongside some of the label’s most notable artists, are set to rise to the occasion.

Since the last event, Studio Barnhus has unveiled records by two of the most exciting emerging purveyors of innovative yet classically rooted dance music from the United States: LADYMONIX from Detroit and Nikki Nair from Atlanta. LADYMONIX’s “Welcome 2 My House” EP has received widespread acclaim, causing dancefloor epiphanies, while Nikki’s “Can’t Wait” single marked the pinnacle of a breakout year that included collaborations with Hudson Mohawke and a relentless world tour.

Both LADYMONIX and Nikki Nair, renowned as both world-class DJs and producers, are poised to make their Swedish debuts—an unmissable spectacle.

Equally compelling is Issatrinity, a fixture in Stockholm’s vibrant and exuberant club scene, a prospective Studio Barnhus artist, and recently acclaimed hostess on Boiler Room. Her unparalleled energy, coupled with crowd-rousing yet uncompromising selections, is sure to set the audience ablaze.

Joining the lineup is DJ Carli, a local hero and foundational figure in Sweden’s modern music scene. As a member of Off The Meds and a versatile producer spanning from ice-cold grime to Eurovision goodness, Carli promises a high-octane, fast-paced DJ set, seamlessly combining the future and past of dance music.

Uniting all these elements and commemorating a 12-month period marked by individual and collective successes are Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács, and Pedrodollar—the DJ trio, best friends, and proud figures at the heart of Studio Barnhus. After a significant hiatus from playing together in Stockholm, their imminent return is backed by the scientific certainty that they consistently bring their A-game to a Studio Barnhus Dance Party. Brace yourself for something truly exceptional as they bring down the curtain on this monumental celebration beneath Berns’ majestic chandelier.