19 March 2024

International Women’s Day | Berns

On March 8, the Stureplans group celebrated by lifting a handful of all the talented women we work with. Three of our colleagues from Berns were there.

Izabelle Lif

Work with in-house sales for Berns Event, she has been housed at the event department since 2019. She is a veteran in the hotel, restaurant and event industry. She has now together with the team achieved the all time high for the event department, October 2023 and January 2024. The next time you buy a satsuma, you can think of Izabelle, because it is highly likely that it comes from her family farm.

Ditas Johansson

One of our shining stars who has worked there longer than Stureplansgruppen has owned Berns. She is entering her 34th year but her warmth and commitment are still as glowing, then as now. Ditas works as Housekeeping Manager at Berns.

Amanda Pettersson

Our young event star, Amanda. Amanda has worked within the Stureplansgruppen for several years now, previously you found her at Norra Latin and today you find her at our event department. She was nominated for Young Industry Star of the Year by Visita and is an incredible rock in the house of Berns. In addition to these credentials, she has studied music throughout her life and do not hesitate to take the microphone when the opportunity arises